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For Your Gums

for-your-gumsOur hygienist will work with each and every patient in a very in depth and gentle way to eliminate hygiene concerns. Gums should never bleed and with that being said, our hygienist has many aids and techniques available for you.

Healthy Gums

Poor oral health and bleeding gums has been associated with chronic heart disease and other health related problems including stroke and diabetes. Correcting bleeding gums can control these health issues and lower your risk of these diseases. At KW Dentistry we take this very seriously. Our hygienist will work with you to decide what is best for your health and how the plaque and tartar can be removed gently and efficiently to provide you with healthy, non-bleeding gums.

What are the signs of gum disease?

  • gums that bleed while brushing or flossing
  • bad breath
  • loosening of the teeth
  • a change in the bite or slight movement of the teeth
  • generalized pain or swelling on the gum around a tooth or teeth

What can be done to improve your gums?

  • effective home care with the use of floss, brushes and other aids
  • proper diet and exercise
  • smoking should be discontinued
  • routine cleanings and effective consultations with our Hygienist

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