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For Your Jaw Joints

Sometimes certain patients experience jaw pain from opening, closing or biting their teeth together. These sensations can last for many months or years if not treated. Although many times the stress of everyday life can be a major contributing factor to this temporal mandibular jaw (TMJ) pain, we do have appliances that can aid in the cessation of pain and provide a normal healthy life. These appliances are quick and easy to make.

What are the signs of jaw (TMJ) pain?

  • generalized aching of the jaw joints
  • grinding and clicking of the joint while opening or closing
  • minimal opening of the mouth
  • headaches that persist throughout the day

What can you do to eliminate jaw (TMJ) pain?

  • align the teeth to distribute the forces more evenly
  • fill in spaces with bridgework or implants to counteract movement of teeth
  • wear certain appliances to control grinding and clenching of teeth

Other things that MAY lead to TMD are:

  • worn, loose, or missing teeth
  • gum problems
  • partial or full dentures that are not the right fit
  • habits such as biting on your pen or pencil

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