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For Your Teeth


laser-dentistryIt’s an innovative and pain free way to combat surface decay in a fast and efficient manner without anaesthesia. The laser works to remove decay and provide healthy tooth structure to bond the many materials we have at our disposal.

White Fillings

Almost all of our fillings are provided in white filling material to provide a solid bond between tooth structures and to provide an excellent cosmetic appearance.


Dental Implants

For those who have lost teeth or are congenitally missing teeth, dental implants are a great alternative. A simple titanium attachment is inserted below the gum in the jaw and after healing has taken place, a tooth can be attached to it and provide a replacement tooth.


Crowns, Onlays, and Bridge Procedures

Teeth that are weak or have a large restoration often need to be strengthened. This is done with a crown. The tooth is prepared and a crown is custom-made to fit the tooth. It is then bonded on to the tooth to provide not only cosmetics but strength for many years to come.For some teeth a smaller version of a crown can be performed to minimize the amount of tooth structure to be trimmed away. This is called an onlay.

A bridge procedure can be performed where a tooth has been lost and can provide a new tooth in its place. Both teeth on either side of the tooth lost are prepared (just like crowns) and a tooth is fastened to both prepared teeth. (An alternative to dental implants)

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patients that have lost numerous teeth or that have worn their teeth very thin, may need more complex dental treatments to restore a full arch so that it fits together properly with the opposing arch. This is usually done with a combination of implants, bridges, and crowns.


For our patients who need more than anaesthetic to get their work completed, we offer sedation to soothe their anxiety and make their dental experience more enjoyable. Our up-to-date nitrous oxide sedation system gives all those who need support a little boost to get their treatment completed. This technique is safe and free of any complications.


We also provide denture services for those that are in need of artificial replacements. Both complete and partial dentures can be made.

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