Laser Dentistry

New, Innovative, and Pain Free!

After years of use in other medical fields, lasers are starting to be used in routine and specialized dental procedures. The laser is a tremendously precise tool that allow dentists to focus on the exact area of treatment. They also minimize the need for anaesthetics and shorten recovery times.

Lasers are used in a wide range of dental procedures. For preparing fillings, lasers can replace the drill, which for many patients is a source of anxiety. With precision and accuracy, lasers can prepare teeth with little or no freezing. Multiple procedures can be performed in one visit. Soft tissue procedures done with lasers require minimal anaesthetic. Because lasers are so precise, cutting of tissues is more exact, meaning less trauma to surrounding tissue. The high-energy beam of the laser acts as a coagulant, reducing or eliminating bleeding. The laser’s beam also sterilizes the area which minimizes the chance of bacterial infection.

There is even more good news for patients undergoing soft tissue treatments. With laser dentistry, swelling is reduced and there is often little postoperative pain. Laser dentistry is an affordable, less invasive treatment option that offers patients greater comfort during and after major dental procedures. Ask us today about the laser treatments we offer in our practice: 519.578.2050